At approximately 08:00 this morning mains power to our primary data centre was lost. Service was not disrupted as the UPS and Diesel generators provided continuity of power. However, at approximately 14:46 this afternoon a fault occurred that result in a loss of power from the diesel generators. Onsite engineers… Continue Reading Power Outage 2017/01/21

Earlier today we began to see reports of issues contacting, and associated addresses for the free mail services offered by Microsoft. After investigations we could see this was only impacting a subset of mail flow to these domains. Further to this the failures were of such an intermittent… Continue Reading [INFO] Hotmail/Outlook email delivery – ‘540 Transaction failed’

Routine monitoring has highlighted intermittent access issues for customers with Windows based hosting account. We encountered an issue during the past hour where there was intermittent access to email hosting for customers with Windows based hosting. We have resolved the stability issue and normal access is now restored. We will… Continue Reading Email stability (resolved)