Routine monitoring has highlighted intermittent access issues for customers with Windows based hosting account. We encountered an issue during the past hour where there was intermittent access to email hosting for customers with Windows based hosting. We have resolved the stability issue and normal access is now restored. We will… Continue Reading Email stability (resolved)

We experienced an unplanned service outage between approximately10am and 11am this morning which affected our ‘shared services’ . 90% of services were restored by 11am with the remaining 10% of services restored subsequently. The precise nature of the issue is being investigated and further details will be placed here within approximately 24… Continue Reading Shared serice outage 06/09/2012

We experienced stability issues with web server WEB2 over the past 3 hours which resulted in a period where web pages were struggling to be served. We have isolated the issue and restored normal service as of 02:00. A period of monitoring will continue to ensure no further stability issues.